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Based in Los Angeles, Chris began his career in production in 2001. Pa’ing kept his kitchen stocked with ramen noodles and peanut butter and jelly before he finally clawed his way into making a living doing what he loves.   He garnered experience as an assistant director in music videos and independent features before taking a staff position at Rhythm & Hues Studios commercial division, and Sticks + Stones Studios.

After leaving the safety and comfort of an office, he found a home in producing commercials.  From the cash-heavy silicon valley clients down the line to underfunded universities and real people docu-style shoots; he’s tackled them all.  The years of working as a pa, assistant director, staff positions, and in freelance production, have given him a unique insight into the myriad aspects of any production.  


Whatever hurdles or obstacles arise for a show, as they always do, Chris not only welcomes those challenges; he thrives on them. 


Outside of production, you can find Chris spending time with his family, on a golf course, ski slope, or a beach.  And, he will always find time to listen to music, read a good book, or binge a tv show (but never skipping over the ads). 


Chris lives with his wife and daughter in the Lake Balboa area of Los Angeles.

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